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Honey Process Bourbon Rosado 1/2 lbs bag

Honey Process Bourbon Rosado 1/2 lbs bag

Cafecito is so excited to sell this coffee to our customers. Honey processed coffee is a unique and delicious coffee experience that combines the best of both worlds, the sweetness of honey and the boldness of coffee. This process involves leaving some of the sticky, sweet fruit pulp on the coffee beans during the drying process, which infuses the beans with a natural sweetness and a distinct flavor profile. The result is a smooth and balanced cup of coffee with a subtle sweetness that lingers on the palate. Honey processed is a must-try for any coffee lover looking for a new and exciting flavor experience. 

Roasting: Medium Roasted

Acidity: Light

Varietal: Bourbon Rosado Honey Special  

Tasting Note: Panela(raw sugar), Orange, Raspberry, Red Apple 

Grown: Obando, Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Finca/Farm: El Papayal

Producer: Cafe Jose Cortes

Type: 100% Arabica

Altitude: 1500 (meters above sea level) Rich Volcanic Soil

Processing: Honey - Natural Sun Dry

Score: 86


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