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Red Honey 1/2 lb Dark Roast, 100% Arabica

Red Honey 1/2 lb Dark Roast, 100% Arabica

RED HONEY COFFEE is a delightful and unique specialty coffee.

  1. What is Red Honey Coffee?

    • Red honey coffee is a term used to describe a specific way of processing coffee cherries to extract the beans for roasting.
    • Inside the outer red layer of a coffee fruit, you’ll find the coffee bean covered with a mucilage made up of natural sugars.
    • The honey processing method involves removing the red shell of the fruit while keeping the mucilage intact during drying.
    • As the beans dry, the sugars and acids naturally ferment within the mucilage, resulting in a complex flavor profile.
  2. Flavor Profile:

    • Red honey coffee yields a well-balanced flavor that’s both sweet and fruity.
    • Imagine the taste of ripe peaches with a hint of brownish-red color.
    • It has a unique sweetness reminiscent of honey, making it a delightful choice for coffee enthusiasts.
  3. Sustainability:

    • Apart from its delicious taste, honey-processed coffee is one of the more sustainable ways to prepare beans for roasting.
    • By preserving the mucilage during drying, it reduces waste and promotes eco-friendly practices.

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